Welcome to the NuROM wiki site!

What is NuROM?

It is an application developed by Dmitry Grinberg of PalmPowerups that allows owners of some Palm devices to alter the contents of their ROMs.

What is this site for?

It's here to let NuROM users share and edit the information they gather about the application and all the ROM tweaking they do. If you have anything you think would be useful to others that use NUROM, feel free to add or change things here as you see fit.

You can read / join an independent discussion thread here: www.1src.com Most of the information contained in this site was collected from this thread and the T|X forum.

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Which devices can use this app?

T|X

People are trying to get other devices supported. Click here to read about their efforts

Where can I get it, and how much does it cost?

You can download the file directly from www.palmpowerups.com
Cost: $18.95 USD
Payment: Contact Dmitry www.palmpowerups.com with the unique ID displayed at launch.
Registration: Keyfile. If nuRom finds it in ram, you are registered and it acts accordingly. Otherwise, you are in trial mode.

Why would I want to edit my ROM?

See this page for some reasons.

Is this risky?

This site and others have posted information to minimise the risks.

NuROM was written to work around some of the problems that would render a device unusable. However, NuROM is a powerful application allowing a user to remove files that will render a device in an unusable state. Interruptions can occur during the flash write, such as power loss or SD card removal. These events would render the device unusable.

— Use this information at your own risk — Read on and decide for your comfort level. This info may be wrong. And yes, it could render your device unusable.

If you cannot boot your device (endless boot cycle) after using NuROM: DO NOT REMOVE POWER OR TURN IT OFF then contact Dmitry immediately

So, how do I edit my ROM?

Which files can I delete?

See this page for a list of files and comments.

Which files can I add to my ROM?

What can't NuROM do?

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